Digital Ambiance


Architecture becomes art.

Light becomes experience.

Audience becomes participant.

Digital Ambiance creates architectural lighting and interactive media installations that not only capture people’s attention, but engages them in an unforgettable experience.

The audience of the past looks. The audience of the future plays. People want to be part of the show. Whether it’s a party, concert, exhibition, or promotion, Digital Ambiance engineers beautiful and captivating ways for audiences to interact with the story being told.

We’re striving to be the leading global experiential production company offering creative multimedia installation and design.

Our team combines intelligent lighting, multitouch interactive environments, lasers, video, sound, sculpture, and endless imagination to transform objects and space into experience; To design, develop and execute technologically innovative marketing initiatives to differentiate agencies and brands through custom creative artistic installations.

Turn a blank wall into a masterpiece, a staircase into a lightshow, a concert into a playground, a product into a plaything, an empty room into a virtual world. It’s not magic, but it sure feels like it.

Digital Ambiance is pioneering the world of interactivity.

•    Experiential Marketing & Branding Spectacles
•    Stage Design for Concerts & Special Events
•    LED Lighting & Multimedia Installations
•    Intelligent Architectural Lighting
•    Marketing & Trade Show Installation Design
•    Multilayered Sculptural Lighting
•    Multitouch Interactive Design
•    Projection Mapping

Lumen Labs is a community for learning, event venue, and gallery space for light artists located in Berkeley, CA.